Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thank you gift to our friends and fans

It's been awhile since we last posted since we've been busy with our next book about women and the future of politics due out in Spring 2013!

A thank you gift for you:

This post is to thank our friends and fans for your support and to give you first notice about our SPECIAL GIFT to get both of our "Reflections from Women" books on Kindle for FREE for the next 3 days only!  The special starts tonight and ends Friday night (Nov 21-23). 

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Thank you again and Enjoy!

Terri Spahr Nelson, Editor

The Moment I Knew:
Reflections from Women on Life's Defining Moments


When One Door Closes:
Reflections from Women on Life's Turning Points

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Excerpt from Congresswoman Barbara Lee, contributor to 51%: Women and the Future of Politics

“I believe the road to success for women in this world is longer and far bumpier. Shirley Chisholm, the woman who showed me the real meaning of leadership, inspired me to dare to believe that the Oval Office was not the sole property and province of men. As the first African American member of Congress and the first African American woman to run for President, she convinced me that we could change the system, but only if we rose within it. She said, ‘Women in this country must become revolutionaries. We must refuse to accept the old, traditional roles and stereotypes.’

Society does not make it easy for women to be leaders, but that makes it all the more important that we break through the glass ceilings that the old boys’ network has so carefully erected in not only the political field, but in every other arena in American life.”

Barbara Lee, United State Congress

Thank you Congresswoman Lee for helping to break that glass ceiling in Congress and for all that you do!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A gift in honor of Independence Day!

 I was just thinking about what this day really means beyond the fireworks, food and drink. It seems to get away from me in the day-to-day business of life, but every now and again when I read about what’s happening in other parts of the world, I am quite grateful that we have a foundation of liberties, albeit some need fine tuning! Also, my mind has been on politics a lot lately with Supreme Court decisions, upcoming elections and, of course, our upcoming book! BTW, we’re about to make 400 on our Facebook page—if you’re so inclined, check it out and give us a nod.

Along those lines, I’m passing along this great (and free) online resource from the League of Women Voters. It’s an excellent one-stop site to find information about voting, elections, etc. specific to your state and community—within seconds!  You’ll want to bookmark it so you can check it out again later as needed--it’s that good! Lots of cool info and a very helpful non-partisan resource.

So, here it is, a small gift to you in honor of Independence Day but more importantly, much loving kindness and gratitude coming your way. Enjoy it along with the fireworks, food, drink, friends and family (maybe not in that order!)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Deadlines of interest to writers coming up next week

Three deadlines that might be of interest, especially to writers:
1. Writer's Digest Writing Competition deadline June 4th. To enter:
2. Speak out on US politics on our nationwide survey by June 1 for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card on our facebook promotion and to be in our next book.
3.  Take the survey directly by Sunday, June 3 for your voice to be included in our next book.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Give your option about politics and you could win $100

Share your opinion about U.S. politics by 5.31 for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card AND to be in our book.

It's time for our voices to be heard loud and clear about what WE want and need from our government. Women, men and all political perspectives welcome. Speak up as though your future depends on it. In fact, it does.

To be entered into the sweepstakes, take the survey from our facebook page post.